THE COMPANY (Atee & Co.) was established in 1985 with the objective of providing complete service to the Refrigerant market of Pakistan. We are the pioneer of CFC’s in Bulk and Air Con Compressors. We also enjoy the leading position in imports of HCFC’s COPPER TUBES and Chemicals in Pakistan. Our Manufacturing plant for was REFRIGERATOR CONDENSER established in 2011 and since producing condensers on international standards.
We have decanting station located in Karachi, Pakistan. Therefore we can facilitie our customers requirement in Bulk packing 20 ton ISO Tank, 1000kg as well as in 60kg and 13.6kg. We also have a facility of extensive warehousing with large distribution capabilities, so that it can fulfill our customers need whenever required .

The world around us is constantly changing. To continue to grow as a prosperous organization over the next 30 years and beyond, we must move ahead prepared for the future and mould the business for tomorrow, today. Our vision is to create a long-term goal and have a winning strategy together with all of our customers and clients.Our Head office is in Karachi and branches all over Pakistan and Dubai. Therefore we are importing products from Spain, Italy, United State of America, United Kingdom, China & Korea. Our wide range of prestige’s Customers includes OEM’s and Government Sector.

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